It’s common for mothers to worry when their babies don’t sleep through the night. After all, everyone knows they’re “supposed to sleep like a baby.” Some doctors recommend night time weaning and “cry it out” methods if your baby is not sleeping through the night by 6 months or sometimes even earlier. When mum herself has no problems with baby nursing at night, she still worries that this is a problem, since society seems to indicate that your baby should be sleeping through at 6 months. There are books all over the bookstores with advice on solving so-called child “sleep problems” but are they really problems?

Mum’s are girls who love fit.

Alex Taylor Mummy of 2 with number three cooking away, Recent Business women of the year 2016, Pre & Post natal exercise specialist & director of GirlsLoveFit- tells us about her post natal experience & the importance of keeping your body expectations REALISTIC after baby…

The bee in my bonnet when it comes to child behaviour

I am not a fan of the naughty step; I have never used it with my daughter. Whilst I am aware that I have been blessed with a strangely happy child who usually does as she’s asked, I still don’t think the naughty step is a good idea. Actually, I don’t think any punishment is a good idea for a preschooler